Earlier this year, the Traffic Act was amended, primarily for the purpose of implementing the new electronic vehicle registration system (EVRS).  The EVRS has been put in place to modernise how vehicles are monitored in the Cayman Islands.

The implementation of the EVRS has been ongoing since February 2018.  According to Part 2A of the revised Act, each vehicle must be issued with an electronic ‘tag’, which contain micro-chips that are capable of relaying information to roadside monitors.  The monitors collect information regarding the expiry date of a vehicle’s license and insurance contract and assist the government in monitoring traffic patterns and locating offenders.

The Act makes it is an offence to ‘remove, destroy or interfere’ with a vehicle’s electronic tag. Upon conviction by the Summary Court, this offence is punishable by a fine of up to ten thousand dollars.

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Dated – June 2021.

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